Too many traffic channels, nonintegrated report types, suspicious ad frauds.
Looking for an one-for-all solution?

Worldwide nCPI marketplace connecting traffic all around the globe

Launch campaigns on Mobiconnect and have your ads on a wide range of traffic sources including DSP, AD network, influencers etc
Delay-free campaign execution, customized KPI optimization and efficient data analysis.
It is all available on a single dashboard.
Explore our unique advertising platform and reach quality users.

  • Intuitive User Interface

    Easy-to-use dashboard features.
    Immediate management of each ad network and traffic channel.

    Powerful Performance

    Real-time data analysis to the sub publisher unit .
    Account management by skilled and dedicated personnel.

    Real time data analysis

    Detailed analysis per sub-publisher unit.
    Live data check at a glance

  • Global Traffic Coverage

    Exclusive access to premium global traffic from 181 GEOs.
    Seamless communication without language barriers or time differences.

    Fraud Prevention

    Proprietary optimization algorithm.
    Whitelist / Blacklist management

    Vast Channels & volume

    Partnered with various global publishers via Marketplace.
    Unlimited adding traffic to maximize event volume.

  • consulting

    Project KPI presentation.
    GEO traffic elaboration.
    Marketing KPI setting.

  • strategy planning

    KPI achievement.
    Payment per targeted events.

  • system integration

    Postback / API integration.
    Event setting & conversion test.

  • Campaign live

    Offer registeration & campaign detail settlement.
    Turn it live-on.

  • optimization

    Data-driven ad efficiency optimizing for KPI achievement

Experience well-constructed auto-optimization and trusted traffic source, and drive maximum performance.

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Boost and stabilize your revenue through building partnership with premium advertisers.

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Mobiconnect offers Affiliate Network Marketplace
in partnership with a number of channels around the world.

  • Dashboard

    Overall quick stats, publisher proportion, real-time offer effieciency and so much more.
    In this campaign-oriented dashboard, all are caught at a glance.

  • Channel management

    Keep your traffic in the optimal state through A to Z traffic analysis and ON/OFF control.
    Inefficiency is eliminated by Blacklist/Whitelist at all times.

  • AD fraud blocking

    Real-time fraud traffic tracking & detecting system.
    Fraudulant traffic get blocked and registered in the blacklist for later.

  • Optimization

    Inefficient traffics are immediately optimized by data-driven internal system.
    Automated event conversion rate control achieves effective event KPI goals.

From Game to Branding, over 250 campaigns are executed with 50+ advertisers annually.

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